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APA Style Guide: Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

This guide is designed to help students learn about APA style and cite sources for their research.


The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association provides detailed guidelines for using APA style.

The most recent edition of the manual is currently available on Reserve at the Library Help Desk.

Academic Integrity Policy, Cambrian College

Academic Integrity Policy at Cambrian College, 2022

- The use of material produced by another person without acknowledging that source.
- Plagiarism is distinct from co-operation and collaboration.
- Cambrian College Faculty may expect students to work together on assignments and present the results, either collectively or individually.

Examples of plagiarism include:
- Presenting, in whole or part, material created by someone else, or presenting the ideas, language, or other intellectual property of someone else as your own work without acknowledgement of the source of the material.
- Incorporating direct quotations or large sections of paraphrased material in an assignment without appropriate acknowledgement of the source(s).
- Utilizing paraphrasing remix software of any kind (e.g., Spinbot) rather than paraphrasing according to accepted writing and research practices is considered plagiarism.
- Receiving any assistance from a third party (e.g., proofreader, editor, etc.) that compromises the authenticity of a piece of work. Proofreaders/editors may help with typographical, spelling, punctuation, grammatical, syntactical, and formatting errors, etc.; however, students using a third party to rewrite or add to existing content, to alter arguments or logic, to add or alter references, and/or to check facts, data, calculations, equations, etc. will be considered to have committed Academic Dishonesty.

                                                                      Cambrian College, 2022

Avoiding Plagiarism

The body of your paper may be complete, but your work is not finished until you properly acknowledge the source of your ideas and inspirations.  You are required both to cite your references with the body of your work and to include, as an appendix, a complete list or bibliography of all the materials you have quoted, paraphrased and/or used as source material.

If you choose (intentionally or unintentionally) to deceive your readers by taking responsibility for words or ideas which are not your own, you may be charged with plagiarism.

Academic Integrity @ Cambrian College

Moodle has an Academic Integrity Module

Honesty. Trust. Fairness, Respect. Responsibility, Courage.

- What is academic integrity and why is it important
- What academic dishonesty feels like.
- Cambrian College's Academic Integrity Policy
- How to uphold academic integrity and your promise.

If a student completes all the units, a certificate will be provided with your name and a unique code as verification. Your instructor can open a Dropbox in their course Moodle for students to submit these certificates.

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