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Faculty Copyright Training

Ontario Colleges have put together a set of training videos/modules to help you familiarize yourself with the new copyright laws & procedures. All faculty are encouraged to review these modules. The modules can be found on Moodle under the course titled "Copyright Literacy".

Alternatively, you can contact us to schedule an in-person training session.


YouTube videos

Generally, it is permissible to show or include a link to a YouTube video in a presentation, although it is important to make sure that the video does not include infringing content. Many of the videos found on sites like YouTube have not necessarily been placed there with the permission of the copyright owner. If there are indications that this is the case, then you should avoid using the video. For more information on showing films or playing music in the classroom, see below: 

Copyright Information

After several years of consultation, debate and defeated bills, parliament passed the Copyright Modernization Act in June, 2012. The new act came into force in November, 2012, thereby moving Canada’s copyright law into the digital age. You can review the full Copyright Act here.

Fair Dealing

Section 29 of the new act allows for a limited amount of copying under a provision known as fair dealing, defined as copies made “for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody or satire.” To qualify, the “dealing” (use) must be: 1) for an allowable purpose and, 2) the dealing must be “fair”.

The Cambrian College Copyright Guidelines are broken into two sections – Copying Guidelines (p.1-10) and Fair Dealing Guidelines (p.11-13). Read the Guidelines here:


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